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“Sometimes, how you ingest this idea of masculinity as projected onto you by the world could be the difference of life and death.” – American film director, Barry Jenkins.        Technological breakthroughs and advancements in modern medicine can be looked at to support the stark increase (indicated in the above graph) in the life expectancy of Australian males and females over the last century. Certainly, an approximate 35-year increase of life expectancy from birth is worth celebrating. Perhaps, though, it is worth questioning why the increase pictured above is consistently in favor of the light blue line (females) rather than that of the darker line (males). In particular, how can we relate these figures to modern society?  ...

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The story behind why, and where to next?

GENT Underwear was born out of frustration in the lack of choice for ethical men’s underwear. We focussed on this and identified that we needed to differentiate ourselves in more ways than one to make a big enough shift that large multi-nationals will follow. We registered as a Social Enterprise and committed to donating 10% of our profits to a mental health organisation. We thought to ourselves “If this is going to be HUGE, and enact lasting change on a big industry, let’s go for the biggest one in the country”… so we did. Now we are partnered with BeyondBlue. So, we had found a gap in the market, and had a point of difference, it was time to start...

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