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The story behind why, and where to next?

GENT Underwear was born out of frustration in the lack of choice for ethical men’s underwear. We focussed on this and identified that we needed to differentiate ourselves in more ways than one to make a big enough shift that large multi-nationals will follow. We registered as a Social Enterprise and committed to donating 10% of our profits to a mental health organisation. We thought to ourselves “If this is going to be HUGE, and enact lasting change on a big industry, let’s go for the biggest one in the country”… so we did. Now we are partnered with BeyondBlue. So, we had found a gap in the market, and had a point of difference, it was time to start...

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Building Brand Awareness For Small Business

 Our website has been launched! They say “Patience is a virtue”; I may no longer live a virtuous life as every last drop was spent trying to keep my cool as the website threw setback after setback our way. Nevertheless, hard word, patience and long hours ended with us now being able to pre-sell gift boxes in time for Father’s Day! The site is by no means a finished product, but we needed to start driving traffic and building analytics as soon as possible to start to understand the market and get relevant feedback. Now it is time to concentrate more on building brand awareness both on and off line, building distributor relationships and overcoming the logistical complications between a customer...

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Branding: Consumers know all, be authentic

April updates Branding has come along in leaps and bounds over the past 4 weeks, spending time searching for like-minded businesses has been very beneficial. We hope to continue this trend to reveal more local small business who are ambitious and sustainable and excited about expanding through collaboration. In 2016 your brand is everything; the modern consumer has access to infinite information, and we pride ourselves on honesty and authenticity. Now more than ever it is vital that we do the required research to make sure our future consumers know exactly what they are paying for when they click to buy. The world we live in is dynamic, there is always a new better way to do it. Keeping on...

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