The story behind why, and where to next?

GENT Underwear was born out of frustration in the lack of choice for ethical men’s underwear. We focussed on this and identified that we needed to differentiate ourselves in more ways than one to make a big enough shift that large multi-nationals will follow. We registered as a Social Enterprise and committed to donating 10% of our profits to a mental health organisation. We thought to ourselves “If this is going to be HUGE, and enact lasting change on a big industry, let’s go for the biggest one in the country”… so we did. Now we are partnered with BeyondBlue.

So, we had found a gap in the market, and had a point of difference, it was time to start sampling this product. As we researched what fabrics the competition use, we were astounded to see that 90% of underwear are all made with the exact same material, 95% cotton 5% elastane. Literally, the only difference between BONDS or Rio and Calvin’s or Armani, the waistband around the top. But there are such better fabrics to choose from that leave much less of an impact on the planet, e.g. organic cotton and bamboo, yet almost none were using them.

So, we decided to choose the smart option.

Finally, we started selling this great product and we had yet another choice - to ship with the same courier as everybody else (AusPost), or a certified B-Corporation, 2016 Telstra Business Award winner Sendle, who offset 100% of their carbon emission. It just made sense to go with the smarter option.

You see, big business won’t change until the numbers tell them to do so. People like you and I understand that when we find a new or better way to do something, we will. But for big business the story must be told through numbers, and the demand must be strong enough to offset their resistance to change. This isn’t about GENT taking over the industry and becoming the next big thing, this is about changing a stale industry for the better, whilst helping people and the planet in the process.
But we can’t do this without your help.

Being a men’s only label, we recognise we don’t appeal to everybody. But in order to cause this shift, we need your help. You don't have to buy our undies, all we ask is for you to spread the word and share our mission.

Together, we can change the norm, for the better.

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  • Catherine Astruc

    Great idea and execution partnering with beyond blue! We are focused on men’s health as one of our primary target objectives and would love to support you in anyway we can through education and building awareness of men’s health issues.

    Check us out on and reply via email or the contact us section on our website. We would love to meet with you!


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